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Happy Veterans Day – a time to celebrate and honor our US veterans for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for us.

Our Veterans Day sale will be for 3 days (we will keep you fueled during your journey with freshly baked, homemade animal cookies - OK, machine made by a store but who cares? They are wonderfully addictive! - and caffeine-packed coffee):

FRI - SUN -- NOV 11-13

24% OFF - every item over $10
5% OFF - items $10 or less
10am – 6pm

Our dealers know their marching orders – they march into the mall everyday bringing in fresh merchandise because you demand it. They answer your call for quality goods at a great value and work diligently to achieve those goals. They sacrifice their livelihood and soul for you. Their blood, sweat and tears are stained on the very carpet you walk on at our malls. OK, well maybe I’m getting a little too carried away with the patriotism but I think you get the point. Get in here and take advantage of the best dealers and best deals in the northeast – merchandise that is unique, vintage and real. No other antique stores or typical retail outlets compare with the two largest antique malls in New York State – Salamanca Mall Antiques and Ontario Mall Antiques!

Also, thank you to the US veterans for this weekend and everyday so that we may continue to enjoy our freedoms. 

Escape the typical retail store and get higher quality and greater value by finding something unique, vintage and real at the largest antique malls in New York State with over 1,000 dealers at Salamanca Mall Antiques and Ontario Mall Antiques.

Thanks for your business,

Demitri Kolokouris, Mall Manager, Salamanca Mall Antiques
100 Main St, Salamanca, NY / 716-945-5532


Matt Guche, Mall Manager, Ontario Mall Antiques
1740 Route 332 (Rochester Rd), Farmington, NY 14425 / 585-398-3030
1850 E. Ridge Rd (behind Planet Fitness), Rochester, NY 14622 / 585-342-2828

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